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Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha: Partial Game Scripts
Since I seem to love typing up things, I'll be posting the game script for the Narumi-centric scenes for both DSRK vs The Soulless Army and DSRK vs King Abaddon. I get a kick out of him, so. You can definitely get a feel for what's going on since Narumi does a lot of debriefing scenes, but it's not a complete game script by any means. It'll only have scenes about or with Narumi in 'em.

If you're you're looking for a feel of the whole game, the LP archive has a very good script/screenshot playthrough for both games, but I personally prefer a straight text format I can more easily search through (which is why I'm doing this).

So far only the first game is done, but I should have the next one done in a few months at the latest.

Like last time there are a ton of typos and misspellings... I'll fix those later... sob

DSRK vs The Soulless Army: Episodes 1-4 and Episodes 5-12 (End).
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Partial Devil Survivor Overclocked Script
I hope no one's done this already because this took forever?? I like Naoya, so I just wanted to have a script for Naoya's route. Eventually I'll have other scenes with/about Naoya up, along with the 8th day for his route. There will probably be tons of typos and stuff so feel free to point them out.

FYI, only Naoya's route and Amane's 8th day will be near 90-100% transcribed. Other routes will only have important scenes or ones concerning Naoya, although I might fill in the rest one day.

Lots of help in typing from the lovely slynxing!

The Day Before - Part 1 (Introduction - Meeting Naoya)
                                  Part 2 (Forming Contracts)
The First Day (Searching for Naoya - Running into Keisuke - The Maiden)
The Second Day (Meeting Loki x2)
The Fourth Day (Getting Naoya's things)
The Fifth Day - Part 1 (Cracking Naoya's COMP)
                               Part 2 (Naoya's Challenge)
The Sixth Day (Talking to Naoya - Picking Naoya's Route - Picking Yuzu's Route - Picking Amane's Route)

Naoya's route:
The Seventh Day - King of Demons - Part 1 (Capturing Amane - Battle with Jezebel)
                                                     Part 2 (Battle with the Four Devas - Negotiation with the Government)
                                                    Part 3 (Battle with Belzaboul, Sariel and Anael, Belberith)
                                                     Part 4 (Final) (Battle with Babel - Ending - Epilogue)
The Eighth Day - The King's Decision (End of the Seventh Day - Morning - Branching Point)
                          Warlord (Good Path) - Part 1 (First Battle with Angels)
                                                     Part 2 (Second Battle with the Angels
                                                     Part 3 (Battle with Shomonkai - Amane Joins) 
                                                     Part 4 (Gaining Support - Yuzu, Midori, Izuna Joins)
                                                     Part 5 (Before the Final Battle - Shiba Park)
                                                  Part 6 (Final) (Battle with Metatron - Epilogue)
                          Despot (Bad Path) - Part 1 (First Battle with Angels and Demon Tamers)
                                                    Part 2 (Second Battle with Angels and Demon Tamers)
                                                    Part 3 (Battle with Amane)
                                                    Part 4 (Honda's Invitation)
                                                    Part 5 (Final) (Battle with Metatron - Epilogue)

Yuzu's route:
The Seventh Day - Desperate Escape - Part 1 (Naoya's Plan - Recruiting Kaido, Keisuke, Midori)
                                                   Part 2 (Final) (Escape - Ending - Epilogue)
The Eighth Day - Man's Decision - Part 1 (Revised Seventh Day - Outside the Lockdown)
                                                  Part 2 (Morning - Back to the Lockdown - Saving Midori)
                                                  Part 3 (Meeting the Four Devas - Abandoned by God)
                                                  Part 4 (Battle with Belzaboul and Azuma)
                                                  Part 5 (Repairing the Barrier - Negotiations)
                                                  Part 6 (Final) (Battle with Belberith - Epilogue)

NEW Amane's route:
The Seventh Day - Kingdom of Saints - Part 1 (Morning - Battle with Jezebel)
                                               Part 2 (Final) (Battle with Naoya - Ending - Epilogue)
The Eighth Day - God Vs Hero - Part 1 (End of the Seventh Day)
                                               Part 2 (Morning - The Brand of Death - Battle with Honda)
                                               Part 3 (Demon Tamers - Old Friends - Sinners)
                                               Part 4 (Battle with Honda II - Okuninushi's Trial - Talking to Naoya)
                                               Part 5 (The Story of Cain - The Book of Job)
                                               Part 6 (Final) (Talking to Naoya II - Ending - Epilogue)
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request fic
Title: Melting Point
Series: Blazblue
Pairing: Ragna/Jin
Rating: R for porn.
Comments: Fic written for fuckyeahjinxragna.tumblr.com. Request given: "Jin and Ragna in a heated battle which somehow ends up with Ragna unleashing his anger in a sexual way due to Jin’s peculiar ‘psychological warfare’."

You think you’re all grown up, but you’re still the same brat you were when I left.Collapse )

kink fic kinda
Title: Triplicate
Series: Blazblue
Pairing: Ragna(x3)/Fem!Jin
Rating: R
Comments: Foursome porn. Fem!Jin and her brothers have fun on the Ranking Isle.

Miles and miles, and it's just us. No one to ever know.Collapse )
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finally another 30 kisses fic
Title: sublimation
Series: Blazblue
Pairing: usual broconly Jin-->Ragna
Rating: PG
Theme: 28 - wada calcium cd3
Comments: Oh joy, it's your yearly 30_kisses fic!! I PROMISED IT WOULD BE BETTER THAN THE LAST but uh m maybe next time though! Takes place preseries.

It feels like it's the only thing he has anymore, and Saya is the one who gave it to him.Collapse )

that moment when you finally see a new fic posted and then its shota porn
super belated birthday fic for tama. I definitely hope to have something other than shota porn sob posted before the month is over though!! MAYBE EVEN 30 KISSES

Title: Incinerate
Series: Blazblue
Pairing: Ragna/Jin
Rating: R for porn
Comments: MORE SHOTA. general Jin and Ragna do it as kids and Ragna is a bad older brother fic

Either way, it's the same sentiment, that Ragna had already gone too farCollapse )

merry christmas etc etc
HAPPY CHRISTMAS GAMIE and tama too i guess

Title: rose of winter
Series: Blazblue
Pairing: Jin/Tsubaki, oh and a little Jin-->Ragna.
Rating: R
Comments: Not the best fic sob but I hope you enjoy it anyway!!!

Everything is fine, now, Jin.Collapse )
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(no subject)
Title: Scrap
Series: Blazblue
Pairing: Ragna-->Jin. Jin/Tsubaki.
Rating: G I GUESS
Theme: #11 - gardenia
Comments: Written for 30_kisses. THIS FIC IS REALLY LACKLUSTER A THOUSAND APOLOGIES ETC ETC. The next one will be slightly better, I promise!!

You better take care of her, then.Collapse )

superduper belated birthday fic
Title: Dream Lover
Series: Blazblue
Pairing: Jin/Ragna
Rating: PORN
Comments: AU SUPER AU expect awful characterization and lots of porn, too many words, etc etc for lynxie.

Won't you let me in?Collapse )


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